How Do You Do It?

Musicpays Entertainment is proud to be associated with Independent Artists and has multiple income streams under the corporate brand. We do not only offer various services to our valuable clients, but also make sure that they earn big through one of our most prominent Platforms, that is the Musicpays. We offer various opportunities and income generation options to our valuable members, which they can avail.

Destined to Make Your Dreams Come True!

When all is said and done, we would like to restate the primary goal of our existence, i.e. to help our Independent Artist to earn more against little effort. All you need to do is to be part of the Musicpays, and provide your Music or Talent to the Platforms, and the members will pay you in return by promoting you. You can really upgrade your lifestyle this way.

What Else Do We Have?

Musicpays Entertainment has got a number of business channels you can utilize your membership fee. These include Crowngig, Soundplax, Drilltone, Awakensound, Musicgym, Eventclimax, and a few more in line to be launched soon. The idea is to serve the Group's members through various services so that we become the one stop shop in Entertainment industry.